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Where excellence meets innovation

We are energy experts that offer innovative customized solutions that best match the needs of your business.  Let us navigate the complex energy world, so you can focus on what matters, your business. 

You care about great rates and service, and we care about you. That's why you will find clarity about enery use and fees, so you can make the best decision. What's important to you has been our business for decades and our philosophy of positive energy drives our strategy and day to day operations

Powering your business

  • Energy Supply

    We offer energy supply contracts and their associated products, in addition to Clean Energy Certificates, under different terms and commercial structures

  • Risk Management

    We reduce volatility in your energy costs by offering fixed price electricity contracts. Tailoring hedging contracts to how you consume energy and your economic risk profile. 

    We reduce the polarity in energy costs by offering energy contracts at a fare and fixed price, which guarantees that we will cover the supply and demand according to your risk profile. 

  • Operations

    For highly specialized companies in the energy sector, we offer representation schemes where we take care of any operational and regulatory requirements in the MEM.

  • Local Generation

    We can install micro generation on site (such as solar panels, small gas-fired generation) which would greatly reduce your transmission and distribution costs, saving your business money.

    For those companies that already have on site generation, we optimize the economic value of any surplus energy available.  


  • Optimization and Energy Efficiency

    We optimize your energy costs using analytical software that allow us to suggest adjustments in your consumption profile, as well as energy assessments at your site, that will allow you to reduce your costs effectively.    

  • Consulting

    We link your specific commodity needs with the market. We are experts in the field and advise on the changing market rules and how this can impact your business.