ATCO Energía

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I a Qualified User?

    Qualified User is that whom has a minimum demand of 1 MW. A Qualified User may hire the services  of a Qualified Supplier for the demand of energy and its related products. 

  • What does a Qualified Supplier do?

    It´s an energy marketer and its associated products such as capacity and clean energy certificates, which through the wholesale electricity market and a generation portfolio designs versatile and competitive energy management that adjust to the specific needs of each one of their clients. 

  • What does the recent changes in the electric sector mean to users?

    What changes?

    The monopoly ended!

    Before the Energy Reform Mexico had a traditional industry model, where a vertically integrated State agency The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) was responsible for developing all activities  of the power industrial chain from energy generation to delivery to end users. Now, CFE ceases to be the only company authorized to sell electricity, end users defined as qualified users are able to acquire electricity at competitive prices, from a Wholesale electricity market.

     What doesn´t change?

    The networks that feed consumers are the same regardless of the supplier, so the energy will be delivered with the same quality and availability as always.

  • What is and how does the Wholesale Electricity Market operate?

    The Wholesale Electricity Market is the national platform through which all wholesale sales and purchases of energy are carried out. Among its main functions are:

    -Guarantee the lowest energy costs.

    - Allow the coordination of the growing number of participants who join the generation and commercialization activities, and therefore maintain instant balance between the energy generated and the energy consumed